Rain, wind, or heat!

Carry out your business in optimal conditions.

Express Shelter is an ideal and indispensable tool for business people and exhibitors.

This is the solution for improving the marketing of your products or your activities...

Specifications sheet

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You are a professional in the following areas:

  • Traders
  • Exhibitors
  • Handicrafts
  • Demonstrators
  • Market gardeners...
  • Communities
  • Associations
  • Festival organizers
  • Others...

Express Shelter was designed specifically for your business!

Express Shelter offers many options

Custom made: if you require a custom-made shelter (size, shape ...) we can manufacture your quick-assembly shelter according to your requirements

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Protection accessories: Side and front closure, flaps...

Customized Marking: Do you plan to use your Express Shelter for advertising? We can silk-screen your text or logo onto the shelter.

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A large selection of colours:  Express Shelter for is available in several colours; you can choose the one that suits you best. 


We provide products that combine manoeuvrability, durability and high resistance.

Unalterable:  aluminium structure

High durability:

  • High durability :
  • Reinforced PVC Canvas, 670 g / m² 
  • Anti-crypto treatment (easy-cleaning treatment) 
  • U.V., 
  • Dust, 
  • N.F. fire classification: M ²

Practical:  de 25 à 35 kg (selon modèles).

Easy to handle:  installation by a single person in less than a minute!

Express Shelter is made in France, a guarantee of seriousness and reliability.

It can be used in any kind of weather...
Book your Express Shelter now... Abri Express...

LEADER EUROPÉEN de la fabricationd'abris temporaires mobiles ou fixes

fabrication abris temporaires mobiles ou fixes

Depuis 1988, nous réalisons des tentes et des abris de chantier pour de nombreuses entreprises (Orange, SNCF, DDT, EDF…).

Vous faites partie d'un conseil général, de collectivités locales, de services publics ou tout autre organisme... Contactez-nous !

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Simple, Rugged, Lightweight

Ideal for a quick response
Multiple configurations to suit your needs...


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